Account Details


In the Profile tab, you can view and update your personal information and login details. You can update your name and job title. This is also where you can reset your login password. However, if you want to change your login email address, you must contact us at


In the Account tab, you can view and update your account details such as company name, address, and time zone.


In the Billing tab, you can find bill related information. Here, you can view and update your credit card. You can also search for, view, and download your invoices.   Everything You Need to Know About JetSend Billing Payment Methods  JetSend accepts all major credit cards. We charge accounts on a monthly basis or annual basis. We do not accept PayPal, […]


Changing the Pricing Plan You can change your pricing plan to upgrade to a higher plan. However, we do not support downgrading to a lower pricing plan.  Here are some points to remember when upgrading the pricing plan: Plan upgrade can include: Upgrade to a higher plan Change from monthly plan to annual plan The […]

Account Details – Overview

The Account Details page contains various information regarding your account neatly categorized into four tabs – PROFILE, ACCOUNT, BILLING, and PLAN. Click your profile name on the top-right corner of the application and select Account Details.