API Reference

Introduction to JetSend APIs

The JetSend APIs are intended for developers who are learning to use JetSend APIs for sending transactional emails and using a variety of other features from JetSend. The JetSend APIs follow the Restful pattern. All requests and responses are encoded in JSON. The error codes are indicated in the form of HTTP error codes. For […]


When you make an API call you may receive an error message in response. Either there is something wrong with your request or something went wrong on our end. Errors respond with an error code and JSON that contains a more precise message and API code.    Example Error 4002 From Address is invalid { “errors”: […]


When you make an API call, you receive result in response. The result is received in JSON format and contains the following: messageId totalRejectedRecipients totalAcceptedReceipants   The following is a sample for API call response: { “result”: { “ID”: “50cffle8-3c5d-11ea-a481-0242acle3125”, “TotalAcceptedRecepients”: 1, “TotalRejectedRecepients”: 0 } }